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  • Brian Rainey

Stop Focusing on Weight Loss & Finally get off the Weight Loss Roller Coaster

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Weight loss is a “means to end” which means your going to be doing it again. Your body takes several attempts to maintain a learned behavior or skill. For example, we were all babies at one point in our lives and we had to learn to walk. Most, if not all of us, did not get it on our first attempt, it took several times to master the skill/behavior of walking.

The truth is you have spent way more time in your life eating in a manner that is not conducive to weight loss. That is the truth!

Now, there is way to change it, but require you to seek out a “power triangle”.

The power triangle for weight loss looks like this.

Let us look at these 3 parts of this “power triangle” as it pertains to weight loss:

Part 1: A Goal: I want to lose 30 pounds in 90 days.

Part 2: An Identity Shift: requires you to ask the question--is this for an event or for a lifestyle? Pounder this one intensely because this is where all the “truth” sits and “the truth can set you free”. There is nothing wrong in the goal leading you to a certain weight, so you can feel confident about how you look at the said event. Maybe it is a wedding, or vacation or a high school reunion, never-the-less, it is for an event that will come and go. For your weight loss to sick you will need to shift from “event” based to a “lifestyle” based goal. The best way to do this to focus on the identity of a “healthy and fit” person.

Part 3: A Plan & Process: The YPB 90-day transformation program that includes balanced fitness workouts, SMART Eating System, and the Personal Best Method to lose weight is a proven system. A system regardless of which one you chose as there are many for weight loss should be part of this process if you want to hit your goal. The YPB Transformation Program is the preferred method that the author of this post uses for his clients. It is only used as an example!

If the goal is to keep the weight off, then we need to look at another power triangle. But first we need to identify the journey of this process. First, you needed the goal of weight loss because you really want to look fit at a “wedding” you have been invited to. The wedding is in 3 months. But you have lost weight before and gained it all back. It was so hard to lose the weight as you ponder if this is really worth it, you said something like “I will never let this happen again because dieting, working out and losing weight was so hard.” Okay, so you understand that you need to make an identity change to lose weight before the wedding which is in 90 days. So, you have picked your program from YPB Transformation and will assume the identity of a healthy and fit person, so you can lose the weight. You are determined this time to not let the weight come back after you finish the program and attend the wedding.

What will you do?

You will need to make a Lifestyle change!

Let us look at the lifestyle change Power Triangle for a beginner that is seeking out a healthy and fit person’s lifestyle:

Let us dive into the 3 Areas of the Fitness Lifestyle Power Triangle:

Health: where we start. You are a beginner, and you need to create the basic habits that will get you ready for attaining results. For example, a health behavior is walking most everyday and eating a diet that is more geared towards whole foods that are in a quantity that allows for your weight to be more predictable.

Results: where you are in good enough condition that you are now trying to improve something that is measurable. This would be I want to lose 30 pounds in 90 days. So, in essence you will be enacting a program to help you get to the desired result. In the example we’ve been using, this would be the YPB Transformation Program.

Experience: where you would join a group exercise program like Orange Theory fitness. A healthy and fit person assumes the identity of someone that exercises year-round and seeks out experiences where other people are doing the same thing. Orange Theory fitness is a group exercise experience where participants workout at a level that is based on their heart rate. They focus on getting the most of their workout that is typically based around balanced fitness which includes cardio, strength, and flexibility training.

Let’s see what it might look like from a yearly viewpoint because this is how a healthy and fit person lives this type of lifestyle. Weight loss is no longer the goal, but only a necessary action so that they could assume the identity of a healthy and fit person and of course look great at the wedding they were invited too.

The person in this example goes to the wedding feeling awesome about the way they look and feel and then jump right back on the healthy and fit bandwagon because they have a plan for the remainder of the year. They will do Orange Theory Fitness for 3 months, then train for a half marathon and run it the following month and finally finish off the year by joining a running group the meets 3 times per week. This is how you get off the weight loss roller coaster once-and-for-all and live a healthy and fit lifestyle where the weight stays off. Do this every year and you will no longer need to focus on weight loss! It will be a foregone conclusion!

This Post was written by Brian Rainey. Brian is a career personal trainer and fitness equipment consultant. Brian has worked for many of the large gym chains and fitness equipment chains. He now specializes in helping people transform their bodies through program and equipment selection based on goals and needs. You can contact Brian by emailing

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