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  • Brian Rainey

Are you Jumping into Fitness at the Wrong Entry Point?

It is easy to jump directly into a fitness activity we just aren't ready for and haven't established the correct habits for.

The 3 Rings of Exercise

Most people start their Fitness Journey by jumping into the “Results” or “Experience” Ring of Exercise before evaluating the “correct entry point”.

In most cases, the correct entry point would be in starting with a “Health” initiative like walking. The reason for this, is there is such a “lower barrier of entry” associated with walking compared to running a marathon or joining a running group. Because most people skip the “health ring” then their goal like running a marathon or joining a Running Group will fall short.

The better approach is to plan your fitness activities for the year. Especially, if there is a big goal you want to meet such as running a marathon. If you haven’t been working out and are overweight because the lack of exercise and indulging in too much “fast food” then the chances are you need to start with a health initiative like walking for 1-2 months. This effort will lead to a 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge. That will, then, lead to Training for 3 months with the intent to run a marathon, and then, finally joining a Running Group to finish out the year.

A yearly Fitness program created with all Exercise Rings makes Fitness a routine that turns into a bunch of habits that ultimately lead you the Lifestyle of Healthy and Fit Person.

If this sounds like you and you are wanting to make a Lifestyle change but have along road a head of you to create the Lifestyle you want, then start with the Health Ring first.

The real goal you need to achieve is to clear the space for your “health ring” activity like walking. For example, you should start with habits that clear the time you need to start walking. Here is how this works. If you want to start walking but already have full schedule, then this is one approach that you can use to create the time needed for walking.

Step 1: prepare your exercise clothes, headphones, and shoes the night before you are going to walk.

Step 2: Go to bed thirty minutes earlier

Step 3: Get up 30 minutes earlier

Step 4: You just carved out 30 minutes to 1 hour that you can now use to walk

Step 5: Walk for 10 minutes or 1 Mile

Step 6: Steadily increase the distance every few days or weekly as your body tells you that is ready for more. You can also pick up your pace to improve your fitness level faster.

Step 7: Do this repeatedly until it becomes a habit.

Step 8: Once this habit has been established then add in other habits that will lead you to the next exercise ring “Results”

A yearly plan will allow you to keep fitness as a goal rather than something you should do. You won’t be the person that is always starting the new year with a resolution to get healthy and lose weight as you will already be there and proactively creating a plan for the next year.

This post was written by Brian Rainey. Brian is a Fitness Coach and Fitness Equipment Consultant based in the Austin Texas area. If you need help with planning your fitness goals for the year, please feel free to contact Brian for a Free Fitness Transformation Strategy Session. You can email Brian at

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