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If you Want to Transform Your Body--You Should Transform Your Identity!

Why you need an Identity Shift To Transform your Body

No One Is Coming To Save You, Your health, Or Your Body… In This Moment Of Decision,

Will You Rise?

I am confident you answered “yes” to the question.

Do you know Roger Bannister?

Probably not, he is the first person to break the 4-minute mile.

No one before him thought it was humanly possible to run a mile that fast, but he did!

He was a pioneer in the running world.

You know what they say about pioneers – they die with arrows in their backs! He didn’t though as he prevailed! He set a new threshold and new Identity Potential.

So now, all those that have come after him, can now assume the Identity of a sub 4-minute miler.

You don’t have to be a Pioneer. All you need to do is find someone that has had the success that you so desperately want and model that Identity.

Making an Identity shift starts with finding someone that has done it before. Find the person that is your height and around your age that has transformed their health and body before. Let them be your “4-minute mile”, there are tons of pictures and stories on the internet of people that have transformed their body and their weight. You can find someone that blazed the path of transformation before you. Need a place to look, search celebrities and athletes that are your height and the weight you aspire to be? You’ll find someone that you can aspire to have a body and health similar to.

How to make the Identity Shift Real.

If we were playing “No Limit Texas Holdem Poker” this is where you put all your chips in the middle and winner takes all. This is what we call 100% “buy in”. When you “buy in” to a new identity you must go into immersion. Immersion is where you do and add all the things that help you shift into that identity.

The example of becoming a ‘runner’ will paint this picture well.

What does a ‘runner’ do to assume the identity and go all in?

They buy or subscribe to all the magazines: • Runner’s World • Marathon & Beyond • Women’s Running • Men’s Running • Trail Runner

They join online and local running groups. They find a running partner. They buy the shoes and, in most cases, several different pairs. They have their stride and foot pattern addressed, so they buy the right shoes for them. They rotate their shoes based on how many miles they have traveled. They buy the socks and inserts. They buy the recovery drinks and energy boosters. They buy running programs or find free ones on the internet. They buy the sleeves, fanny packs and back packs that carry their supplies and gear while they run. They buy the shorts, pants, shirts, and hats that go along with it. They learn how to recover faster. They hire a running coach or seek mentorship. They take part in races. They know their personal best running times, and they start to beat it. They get gym memberships and get a treadmill for their home, so they don’t miss runs when the weather is bad.

And most importantly…they run!

When they are asked at work, or at a party what they do; they most likely say, “I am a runner”. You must save yourself and rise to the occasion by improving your health and improving your body. You must assume the identity of a healthy and fit person to do this!

This post was written by Brian Rainey. Brian is a fitness coach/trainer located in the Austin, TX area that specializes in online coaching and in-person coaching for those that live in Austin, TX.

If you need some guidance on this, you can email Brian at as he is happy to help!