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  • Brian Rainey

Diets are a dime a dozen, but what you learn from them is priceless!

The truth is most diets work, but as we know they are not easily sustainable.

Guess what? That is perfectly okay!

What is most important is the principle behind the diet and how it affects your body while on it. Even, more importantly, than the principle behind the diet is the process we all go through to “get the results” we are looking for while on the diet.

We are all looking for some type of result when we start a diet.

Almost anyone that has studied health, nutrition, and/or fitness either as an amateur weight-loss seeker or as professional will tell you that good nutrition is a large part of good health and ideal body weight for any individual. If we all know that food is important to health and ideal body weight, why are so many of us overweight and unhealthy? 

The answer is simple, we don’t plan our daily eating well enough. 

Generally, we leave it up to chance and spontaneity. This is exactly what a diet is not.

Therefore, most of us revert to the weight we started at, or even worse, we end up gaining more weight.

The truth about most diets are that they are systematic. Systems are repeated over and over again with the intention of gaining a predictable result.

So, if you want to lose weight or maintain the weight your diet helped you get to, then, you will want to continue the process that got you there. If the process is too difficult to maintain then you will most likely revert to your old style of eating habits. Your old habits are strong, and they will want to return as soon as you stop your new ones. See your body, thrives on doing similar activities repeatedly, and it will even reward you with small dopamine hits every time you repeat a process it is used too.

There is a trick to this learning from the diet you are on. You can only do this if you log and track your diet and how your weight responds to what you eat. Your goal on your diet should be to learn patterns. Once you learn what patterns give your body the best opportunity to lose weight, then, you can repeat those patterns to help you maintain your weight.

This allows you to build habits around that specific food/meals and the activity like exercise that worked together to get you to your desired weight loss. This will be the strongest sequence of habits that can give you the best shot at maintaining your weight without staying exactly on the diet.

This is not a one size fits all approach.

It will require you to log your food and track your weight loss almost daily and identify the best patterns over time.

It is highly recommended that you use and app or software to track your food like MyFitnessPal. MyFitnessPal is free app that you can use on your smart phone or computer to log your food and weight so that you can track the results.

So, get busy dieting or better yet, get busy tracking how your food affects your weight. Repeat what works and get rid of the combinations and quantity of food that doesn’t work. You’ll be well on your way to the desired result you want.

This post was written by Brian Rainey. Brian is a fitness coach, fitness trainer and fitness equipment consultant located in the Austin, TX area. Brian is not a nutritionist, doctor or dietician. You should consult a health care provider before starting any type of eating program geared towards weight loss. You can contact Brian at

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