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Are you struggling with finding your way back into exercising?

It’s confusing right! It was confusing for me to get back to working out after a major health scare, even though, I am career personal trainer that has trained thousands of people over the years.

I was nervous because I had never been in this situation before. It was the first time I realized how my clients felt.

I was so naïve before and handled most of my client the wrong way.

My name is Brian Rainey and I am part of a group of YPBERS!

We do our “Our Personal Bests” Regardless of our Current Situation!

I didn’t need some sophisticated workout program.

What I needed was simple and it is what most people need when getting started again.

Unfortunately, you will be bombarded with advertising messages as soon as you start expressing interests in working out again.

You’ll see advertisements for:

Beach Body,



Orange Theory,

Camp Gladiator,

Joining a Gym,

Hot Yoga,


9 Rounds Boxing,

And the list goes on and on!

Your friends, family and co-workers will try to convince you to do something that they are doing. And statistically you will probably do it and fail!

Why? Because you start with the WRONG ENTRY POINT!

This is the big secret and if you want to avoid making this mistake then keep reading!

You need to start your exercise program like a hedgehog!

What? I am guessing you’ve never heard the story of the hedgehog and the fox?

Every day the fox tries to attack the hedgehog and eat him as a tasty snack. But every day the fox fails because the hedgehog has this one (singular) effort it deploys during the hedgehog’s attack.

It rolls into a ball and uses it spikes to keep the fox away. The fox always fails regardless of how it approaches the hedgehog. The hedgehog has the right strategy!

You need the right strategy to start a new exercise program.

My health was terrible, and I was about to give up. In my messed-up mind I was sort of okay with having another heart attack and taking my place six feet deep. See, I kept starting and failing at getting back into shape because I was at the wrong En