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SMART Eating System 


Specific – be specific and consistent about what you eat. This will build a foundation and metrics to help you make decisions on what and how much of something you eat.

Measurable – It is important to have a base line to measure against. This is why we take the calorie approach in the beginning.  This is important for both people that are trying to lose weight or gain weight.

Action – Pre-planning your food and adhering to the schedule and noting deviations.  This will help you assess your week and make changes that will put you in the direction of weight loss or weight gain depending on whatever your goal might be.

Realistic – You will not be perfect but you must identify food that sets you off from reaching your goal.  Pick foods that you like and eat them in the correct portions for your needs.  These foods should be foods that you know you can handle eating for a lifetime.

Tough – Temptations are everywhere when it comes to high calorie/unhealthy foods.  You must fight the good fight and defend yourself from eating bad foods.  Know yourself and stay away from settings that put you in situations where you know you will make bad food choices. 

The SMART Eating System according to the phases of YPB Transformation
The SMART Eating System step by step graphic













How It Works

Almost anyone that has studied health and fitness either as an amateur weight-loss seeker or as professional will tell you that good nutrition is a large part of good health and ideal body weight for any individual. If we all know that food is important to health and ideal body weight, why are so many of us overweight and unhealthy? The answer is simple: we don’t plan our daily eating well enough. Generally, we leave it up to chance and spontaneity.

During the YPB Program will you will be challenged and expected to plan out your daily meals and make necessary caloric changes in order to move yourself in the direction of a healthier diet that promotes incremental fat loss over the 90 days.

How do we help you? You will do this in a very logical and systematic way that will help mitigate errors. You must be serious about this or it won’t work. There are no magic pill or short-cuts in eating right. It’s a process and we have laid out the process for you below. Follow it and learn how to eat so that you improve your health and lower your body fat. When you sign-up for our program your FAN Coach will help you go through this process. It’s not hard. It’s actually quite simple and once you master it. You will love how you feel and how you look as you go through the program.


The Process (remember this is a 1-on-1 program, your FAN Coach will walk you through the entire process)

Step 1: Find your current estimated daily caloric intake based on your activity level. 

Step 2: Plan your meals and snacks for the day

Step 3: Log your meals prior to starting your day

Step 4: Follow your daily plan (note deviations)

Step 5: Check yourself at the end of the week + send your weekly food log summary to your FAN coach

Step 6: Make changes (Repeat Process for the next week)













During Phase 1 of executing the “the process” you will begin to learn about yourself and most importantly begin to change the “ugly” parts of your eating habits. By the start of Phase 2 you should be starting to feel the health change and see the body begin to change too. Grab on tight to these results, believe in them, and continue to follow “the process” so that you continue to see your body transform. Once you hit Phase 3, you should be moving towards a real Transformation. All of your discipline and hard work will be paying off for you as you feel awesome and look awesome too.

Be proud of the accomplishment, you will be entering into a new lifestyle that includes increased energy, lowering your chances of disease and looking awesome too. And remember, we are with you every step of the way! 


We are not prescribing a diet. Our goal is to help assist you in understanding how to eat, when to eat and what to eat to help you live a healthier lifestyle. Please speak with a nutritionist for complete information and diet prescriptions. 

Health Foods that can fit into almost any diet or eating plan
Health Foods that can fit into almost any diet or eating plan
Health Foods that can fit into almost any diet or eating plan
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