Workout Twenty-Three

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At Home - Workout 23  Lower Body
Date: ___/___/_____

Please click on any exercise listed below to watch a short video clip on how to perform that movement. 

1. Warm-up (20 High Knees + 20 Squats + 20 Lunges)

2. 10 Minutes AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible). Sprints/Jog + Lunges. Find an open area & measure out ten large steps. Jog, sprint, or walk down & lunge back. How many reps can you complete in 10 minutes? Reps________           (Jog/sprint/walk down + Lunge Back = 1 Rep)

3. How long will it take you to complete 60 Dumbbell Stiff Leg Dead Lift?  Weight_______, Time________

4. How long will it take you to complete 60 Dumbbell Plie Squats?  Weight_______, Time_______

5. How long will it take you to complete 60 Dumbbell Split Squats (30 Reps each Leg)?  Weight_____Time______

6. How long will it take you to complete 60 Toe Crunches? Time________

7. Stretching
a. 1 Minute Side Lying Quad Stretch Right Leg
b. 1 Minute Side Lying Quad Stretch Left Leg
c. 1 Minute Side Lying Cross Body Hip Stretch (reverse to face the other way for 1 Minute)
d. 1 Minute Lying on your back Hamstring Stretch. Repeat for 1 minute with the other leg.

Total Workout Time____________ Total Calories Burned (Optional)_____________

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