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Workout Twelve

Printable Version of Workout
Click on the PDF to download to your phone or to print and record your results manually.  

Snap Shot of Workout

Click on the above link, press and hold image to save to your camera roll. This will serve as a visual reminder on how to perform the exercises during your workout.

Remember that tracking your progress is KEY to a successful transformation. Please make sure to print this workout, or download it to your phone in order to track your results.
You can click here to watch a short clip on how to copy & paste the short version of the workout on to your phone, tablet, or computer to keep track of YPB electronically. 

At Home Test Day Workout 12

Date: ___/___/_____

Please click on any exercise listed below to watch a short video clip on how to perform that movement. 

1. What is your bodyweight? Weight _______

2. Warmup (20 High Knees, 30 forward arm circles, 30 backwards arm circles, 30 Jumping Jacks, 30 Front Kicks).

How long does it take you to run or walk 1 mile? Time ___________                                                                                    **Interval: alternate 2-minute higher pace run/jog + 1-minute lower pace walk/jog (if needed).**

4. How many push-ups can you do without stopping? Reps ________

5. How many sit-ups can you do without stopping? Reps ________

6. What is your Sit and Reach Flexibility Score? Inches _______

You will need a tape measure to perform this test. 

7. How long can you hold a Wall Sit before you break position? Time _________

8. Stretching

  • a. Stretch any muscles that feel tight.

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