Exercise without a plan is NO fun.

Don't be held back.

Confidence is yours!

Your body was designed for more!

Save Time

Save Money

Attain Better Health

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The YPB Transformation Program is an all inclusive program that helps you transform your body from the inside out by implementing YPB Workouts, Smart Eating Plan, Balanced Fitness Approach and Personal Best Principle. 


Save Time:

  • You'll know what to do instead of always leaving your workout up to chance or worse yet doing the same exercise over and over again.  The typical YPB Exerciser works out 3 times per week using the Balanced Fitness approach which will help you gain faster results in less time.

Save Money:

  • You'll stop pouring money into gym memberships, diet plans and supplements because the balanced fitness approach uses 1 cardio machine, 1 strength tool simplifying what you need which saves you money.

Attain Better Health:

  • You'll stop the diet and exercise roller coaster once and for all. No more yo yo-ing for you as you will created the habits that work for you. You are different than everyone else and for that reason you will need a different eating and exercise approach than others. The result of working to your desired needs are habits that will lead to you a healthier body composition because you won't only work towards how you "look" but more importantly how your "feel" Better health is about how you see yourself both mentally and physically and does that allow you to functional at your best level.

Here is how the Plan will Work for You:

  • Step 1: Find your Identity "This workshop is delivered to you inside the Master Class Module Series"

  • Step 2: A goal and plan for Fitness and Nutrition that you can attain in 90 days over three phases that will have you set and ready to improve at your pace. 

  • Step 3: A Transformation that will move you from embarrassed about your body to so confident about it that you will reveal it in any situation.


Inside the Plan:

  • The Balanced Fitness Approach. 

(Cardio, Strength and Flexibility Training so you workout Smarter and not harder and maximize calorie burn in less time)

  • The Personal Best Principle.

(Achievement is made in inches and is formed of small habits repeated again and again. The personal best system will have you inching your way to the goal so you can have gratification every step of the way)

  • SMART Eating System.

(No more dieting, you can eat what you want when you learn how to utilize the 80/20 principle and 80/20 balance, ​so eating for your body results is easily sustainable. Because you know how your body responds to certain food and in certain combinations...No more guessing!!)

  • .The Master Class Video Series (16+ Videos so you won't be guessing)


  • Access to the Private Facebook Group where you can get one-on-one sessions with our coaches, as well as support and encouragement from peers along the same journey as you.

  • Daily activity plans, so you know exactly what to do each-and-every day as you implement the system.


  • 36+ Workouts that will have you in the best shape of your life!

  • Our 90-Day Test Drive - We Won’t Let You Fail Guarantee.